Call for Theses (2020)

ICIEMC 2020 opens the possibility to run for a prize of Best Thesis in… (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Strategy, Finance, Tourism, Technology).

Who may apply for the prize:

To be eligible, applicants must have defended their thesis (Master in Science or PhD) in 2017, 2018 or in 2019. Proof of defense will be requested for selected applicants for the prize.

How to participate:

* send an abstract of your thesis (500 – 1000 words), together with the title, author name, supervisor(s) name(s), degree, scientific area of the degree, institution that granted the degree and country to before the end of March 6, 2020.

How is the selection performed:

* a scientific committee is composed, with professors with teaching and research experience in the areas indicated in the call (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Strategy, Finance Tourism, Technology)

* the selection takes place, and each thesis is evaluated based on: originality, impact on professional practices, quality of writing, quality of scientific methodology and quality of scientific execution (20% for each of these criteria). This selection has been suspended due to Covid19 pandemics. 

* all selected submissions are invited for virtual presentation to ICIEMC 2020 (no fee for conference entry), with a maximum 10′ presentation in a specific session included in the conference programme. This change was performed due to Covid19 pandemics.

* winners for each category are communicated at the end of this specific session. This change was performed due to Covid19 pandemics.

For any doubts regarding the Call for Theses, please contact

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