Conference Theme

Conference Theme 2024: Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence: Catalyst or Barrier to Innovation?

In the context of the big changes we have been witnessing due to ChatGPT (and not only), the question that arises is whether the (apparently) unavoidable path to digitalization in all kind of organizations, with the possible use of artificial intelligence for the most diverse roles, is a catalyst or a barrier to innovation.

Time will tell, as we all say. But what says the science?

More information to be posted 🙂

Conference Theme 2023: A Resilient New World: How To Remain Competitive in Unstable Markets?

Resilience has been studied well before the pandemics, yet it was in the last years, with the accumulated impact of different crises, that companies, governments and individuals got more aware about its importance.

The concept of resilience is multifaceted, encompassing the capacity to maintain core activities in a highly turbulent and changing environment, the capacity to change and adapt (related to dynamic capabilities) to the new conditions, but also to resist the new conditions and to recover (Iftikhar, Purvis & Giannoccaro, 2021).

At ICIEMC 2023, we welcome scientific contributions related to resilience and its link to performance, coping and recovery strategies, applied to any industry or service area and we value specific contributions linked to business, innovation and marketing strategies .

The following Regular Tracks will be open for abstract and paper submission in 2023:

  • Business Innovation Strategies
  • Business Models
  • Consumer Behaviour & Neurosciences 
  • Consumer Protection & Data Privacy
  • Digital Transformation in Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Marketing
  • Marketing Communications, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising & Promotion
  • Marketing in Specific Industries 
  • Relationship Marketing, Sensory & Experiential Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing & Value Creation
  • Services Marketing & Customer Experience 
  • Sustainable Marketing, Social Responsibility & Ethics
  • Teaching & Learning in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing 
  • Tourism Marketing

We also host Special Tracks on:

  • Resilience & Competitiveness in Business, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour – Irina Saur-Amaral & Sandra Filipe

Publication opportunities will be available for best conference papers. Best Thesis Awards will be granted, too.

Best thesis per category is also awarded and the finalists are invited to attend ICIEMC 2023 and present their thesis with no registration cost.