Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Special Track

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Special Track is promoted by Manuel Laranja, from ISEG – Portugal.

Business opportunities increasingly have a dimension that involves innovation and the entrepreneurial creation of new products and services.

Innovation is widely considered as a key component of competitiveness. Moreover, the subject of innovation has been recognized as an essential issue at the highest level. For example, the EU Innovation Union is a new roadmap under Europe 2020 strategy, to create an innovation-friendly environment. In our track, we aim to bring together academics and practitioners involved in innovation and entrepreneurship.

There are many factors that influence entrepreneurial innovation, including historical, economic, political, social, cultural, etc. Manuscripts may adopt diverse research methodologies and draw from different theoretical streams and disciplines.

We also welcome comparative analyses of different regions/countries or approaches to innovation enhancement strategies and public policies.

Topics may include, though are not limited to: 

  • Entrepreneurship and new business models.
  • Open innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation strategies and implementation models.
  • Policies encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The impact of international or national programs on the development of innovation and/or entrepreneurship.
  • The financing of innovation (e.g. the impact of business angels, new forms of financing as innovation enhancers…).
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in subsectors, such as, public services, financial services, hospitality, distribution, KIBS, health, high tech technology manufacturing, etc.
  • The role of competitive clusters in the facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation and knowledge brokers.
  • The role of indexes and comparative assessments of innovation.
  • Drivers of innovation in SMEs.
  • Case studies.


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