Workplace Innovation / EUWIN

ICIEMC 2016 hosted a specific parallel track on Workplace Innovation,on May 20, 2016, organized and moderated by Maria José Sousa, one of the first ambassadors of EUWIN – European Network on Workplace Innovation in Portugal, an European Commission Network supported by the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

After this day, it was created the Portuguese Workplace Innovation Network (PWIN – UE – VF).

Entry was free to any professional and to all ICIEMC conferencists and members of the Laureate community, yet subject to check-in upon arrival at the ICIEMC check-in desk.

Workplace Innovation Special Track, May 20, 10.00 – 12.30


  • Maria José Sousa, Universidade Europeia, EUWIN Ambassador

Keynote Speaker:

  • Peter Totterdill, EUWIN, UKWon and Kingston University

Invited Speakers:

  • Isabel Caetano, Cotec Portugal
  • Ana Neves, Knowman
  • Leonor Almeida, Cavalo de Tróia

Projects Universidade Europeia:

  • Out of the Box – Tiago Dias | Prof. Joaquim Caetano
  • e-Work – Carlos Catarino | Profs. Maria José Sousa, Isabel Moço, Ivo Dias


Workplace Innovation Round Table, May 20, 14.00 – 17.30

14:00 Opening

– João Proença  – Rector at Universidade Europeia

– Peter Totterdill – EUWIN, UKWon and Kingston University


14:30 Round Table: Prospects for Workplace Innovation in Portugal


– Peter Totterdill – EUWIN, UKWon and Kingston University

– Maria José Sousa – Universidade Europeia, EUWIN Ambassador


Invited Personalities:

– André Magrinho, Associação Industrial Portuguesa

– António Bob Santos, CEiiA – Center for Innovation and Creative Engineering

– António Rapoula, Expert IT and SmartCities

– Etelberto Costa, Expert LifeLong Learning

– Fernando Marta, Agência para a Modernização Administrativa

– Isabel Caetano, Cotec Portugal

– Jorge Mota, Associação Empresarial Portuguesa

– Marc Jacquinet, Snesup

– Paulo Carvalho, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

– Ricardo Lopes, i9 magazine

– Rosemary Exton, UKWon

– Sérgio Guerreiro, Turismo de Portugal, Ministério da Economia

– Susana Bogalho, Expert ISO CT 260 Human Resources Management

– Vanda Garcia, CECOA


16:30 CML Innovation Project

– Paulo Carvalho, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa


17:00 Closing remarks

– Peter Totterdill – EUWIN, UKWon and Kingston University




“The European Workplace Innovation Networkpdf Choose translations of the previous link (EUWIN, 1 MB) is a Europe-wide learning network launched to improve the performance of organisations and the quality of jobs in a sustainable way.

The network:

  • distributes evidence on the benefits of modernising the workplace and working conditions
  • focuses on awareness-raising via dedicated regional workshops and social media
  • provides a valuable resource for managers and employee representatives through the Knowledge Bank
  • is open to practitioners, social partners, policymakers, representatives of intermediary organisations, and others with an interest in the workplace.”


EUWIN works closely with European enterprises, policymakers, social partners and researchers to stimulate and support ways of working which lead to high performance and high quality of working life. EUWIN’s Knowledge Bank includes a unique range of films, case studies, articles and tools. It’s free to join and you can do so here.

Currently with over 1.000 ambassadors all over Europe, EUWIN entered recently in its fourth year of operation. Portugal is represented with one member in the Advisory Board, Irina Saur-Amaral, and hosted a first EUWIN event in May 2014, at the first edition of ICIEMC, in Aveiro, where professionals, academics and policy-makers gathered to debate the potential of workplace innovation in Portugal.