Special Track – Innovation Networks

The complexities of the international system and the globalization phenomenon have been considered responsible for new corporate dynamics, particularly for an increasing involvement in collaborative networks of diverse scopes, typologies and natures.

If in the past there can be found examples of alliances and differentiated formulas of collaboration between organizations, even between competitors when considering new strategies to access new markets and managing risks and resources through collaborative efforts, currently establishing networks has became a practice, which, in addition to commercial activities, includes processes until now considered frequently as strategic, and not subject to open deliberative actions, as Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation (RDI).

Increasingly, innovation is being developed in an environment of interactions and connections between different actors. The approach to innovation is distinguished therefore by its systemic character in which networks are gaining  influence.

This Special Track aims to contribute to share information and to identify experiences and cases on the topic of innovation networks. Presentations can cover the following areas:

  • Models of Innovation and networks
  • Network perspectives in innovation research
  • Types of Innovation networks
  • Networks building
  • Networks operation, governance and orchestration
  • Managing innovation networks
  • The role of networks in the innovation process
  • Open Innovation and Innovation Networks
  • Networks and Intellectual Property Management
  • Strategic alliances and networks
  • Academic, institutional or entrepreneurial case studies focusing in networks experience (e.g. clusters, SME networks, etc)
  • Public Policies and Networks

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