Conference Theme 2021

(Post)Pandemic Changes in Business, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

The COVID-19 pandemics has changed the life of practically everybody in some way, in less than a year, inducing a systemic shock effect on citizens and economies (Ashford, 2020). Rich or poor are at risk of contracting the disease and rich or poor have had complications or died. Scholars have managed to study the impact of the pandemics on healthcare workers (Dong, 2020), isolated citizens (Jacobi, 2020), citizens that lost somebody in their family from the disease (Singer, Spiegel & Papa, 2020), migrants (Sonmez, 2020), minorities (Duane, 2020) or university students (Fagell, 2020; Akdeniz, 2020; Wang & Zhao, 2020).

However, little is known, from a scientific perspective, on the impact of the pandemics on practices and strategies of different organizations and industries, as well as on the consumer behaviour. Some studies have already been published (e.g. Pappas & Glyptou, 2021, Madeira, 2021, Heinonen & Strandvik, 2021, Meixner & Katt, 2020; Li, 2020) and some research questions have been raised (e.g. Rosenbaum & Russell-Bennett, 2020; Esper, 2020) but there are a lot of untapped dimensions to be addressed.

Another current issue, as university campuses around the world had to close down, and the migration to the online domains created major disruptions, new teaching, learning and assessment practices have been adopted (Watermeyer et. al., 2021; Sa & Serpa, 2020), as well as of new research methods, mostly in a learning-by-doing approach.

In this challenging context, the fifth edition of ICIEMC, to take place on July 1 and 2, 2021 in virtual format, aims to tackle these two major issues.

On one side, we actively seek scientific contributions related to the (post)pandemic changes in business, marketing and consumer behavior, related to any industry or service area and, on the other side, we value specific contributions linked to innovation in teaching and learning in higher education that have been motivated by the systemic shock effect generated by the pandemics, including teachers’, students’, higher education management’s or policy perspectives.

The following Regular Tracks will be open for abstract and paper submission in 2021:

  • Consumer Behaviour & Neurosciences 
  • Consumer Protection & Data Privacy
  • Digital Transformation in Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Marketing
  • Marketing Communications, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising & Promotion
  • Marketing in Specific Industries 
  • Relationship Marketing, Sensory & Experiential Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing & Value Creation
  • Services Marketing & Customer Experience 
  • Sustainable Marketing, Social Responsibility & Ethics
  • Tourism Marketing

We also host Special Tracks on:

  • Innovation in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education – Sandra Soares & Manuel João Costa
  • Niche Tourism & Marketing Perspectives – Bruno Barbosa Sousa
  • (Post)Pandemic Changes in Business, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour – Irina Saur-Amaral & Sandra Filipe

Publication opportunities will be available for best conference papers. Best Thesis Awards will be granted, too.

Best thesis per category is also awarded and the finalists are invited to attend ICIEMC 2021 and present their thesis with no registration cost.