Registration Types and Fees

Registration Types and Fees *

Author Registration (virtual – only available for the 2020 edition): 125 euros (Academic Registration – Presenters and Authors); 50 euros (Student Registration – Presenters and Authors). 

Academic and Student Registration (virtual conference) only include conference proceedings. 

Author Registration (onsite – not available for the 2020 edition): 250 euros (Academic Registration – Presenters and Authors); 175 euros (Student Registration – Presenters and Authors)

Academic and Student Registration (onsite conference) include conference material, coffee-breaks and buffet lunches as well as Gala Dinner. Accompanying Partners of Registered Academics and Students may participate at the Gala Dinner for a 50 euros fee. These options are not available for the 2020 edition.

Attendance to conference sessions is possible for 50 euros (general public) or 20 euros (full-time students) to be paid online (till November 5, 2020). Does not include conference material.

* Please note that there might be additional applicable taxes depending on the type of payment chosen and on the country where you are paying from, especially when doing bank transfer – the expenses are supported by the participants.